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Empowering Canadians with Financial Literacy

Social enterprise to help Canadians under-served by the traditional financial institutions

Do you feel your bankers/advisors never spend enough time to explain the very important financial knowledge with you?

You need to be well-informed to make those big financial decisions! We can help.

Whitney – Financial Literacy Counsellor

My story

Many years ago, I crossed the ocean from China to Canada by myself without knowing a soul here. What an adventure it has been!  Once, I lived in the cheapest place in Toronto overlooking the garbage bins. Fortunately, my sense of smell is quite insensitive. More importantly, I have the support of my family, an education in Math and Business, and a willingness to learn.

I have been helping others with their personal finance in the past 3 years. It is the most meaningful and emotionally rewarding experience l have ever had.

Experiences & Education


I am in the process of launching my own business and met Whitney when I was seeking help in developing pricing for my business services. Whitney was instrumental in designing a financial model that will be the foundation of my business. Based on her work, I feel comfortable in designing a business plan and structure, knowing exactly what’s needed for myself and my partner to meet specific goals in order to reach our financial goals. I highly recommend Whitney to anyone in the early stages of researching and planning out their business – she made the information accessible, customizable and easy to work with. I feel empowered and ready to get to work. Thank you, Whitney – your knowledge, kindness and generous spirit are a gift I am blessed to experience! I highly recommend working with her, no matter how early you are in your business.

Sonya Reznitsky

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