That darn to do list!

Many of us like to maintain a long to-do list. It looks organized but it can be quite demotivating because it looks daunting naturally.

Most of us tend to blame ourselves when we don’t finish things on that to-do list. The shame and guilt from self-blaming enforce our belief that this is too hard, and we can’t do it. Then, the vicious cycle starts that could lead to a downward spiral.

The above applies to work, study, and of course personal finance. File tax return, open that TFSA account, track the expenses, create a financial plan, update beneficiary, check credit score, create a Will, the to do list goes on and on. None of them sounds fun at all. After a while, they just start to pile up. Every time we think about it, it is just full of dread and pain. Sounds familiar?

Perhaps, the first step is to get the good mood back. Just look through the list and find one that seems easiest even if it is neither important or urgent. Schedule it on your phone calendar. After you have completed it, write that down in your journal which is your DONE list! 😊 It is your long list of accomplishments rather than a long list of things you have not done. You might have heard of the gratitude journal. This is the self-gratitude journal to pad yourself on the back on what you have accomplished. All is to bring your confidence back and get you onto the right track.

Perhaps it is not easy to do it on your own. You can ask a family member or friend to be your accountability buddy. The key is that the person has to be compassionate and encouraging without harsh judgement. They are there to celebrate what you have completed and help you to do the following.

  • Some bigger items need to be broken down into small and specific tasks. 
  • Prioritize them based on importance and urgency.
  • Create a detailed and realistic action plan with timeline.

Please keep up the Journal of DONE. Be elaborate, passionate, and genuine as much as you can in writing your Journal of DONE. What you have accomplished, how you did it in your fabulous way, what are the benefits, etc. It will bring you joy and pride.

After a while, you can get onto the right track. You finally break the old negative pattern. The newly acquired confidence could even transfer to other areas of your life.

If everything in life sucks, it might be a good idea to pick up a sport or hobby that you like. First, the new activity will move your attention away from the current cycle of negativity.  Second, learning a new skill can bring you confidence, joy and pride. Last but not least, the good mood could spread to wider area of your life.

Let’s start the Journal of DONE!

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