Stop the money shaming

The shaming manifests in many different forms.

Some have not filed income tax returns for years. The question “What is wrong with them?” naturally comes to many people’s minds.  Here is a long list of possible reasons.  Some struggled with mental health issues. Some experienced homelessness. Some had such a bad experiences with an accountant that they have been afraid to seek help filing their taxes. Some faced financial difficulties and were not aware that there is help for them.  Some have been overwhelmed by a series of unfortunate events in their lives. On and on.

For many, there are a lot of more pressing issues they are facing than income tax return. Since mid July, the requests for urgent help to file tax returns suddenly increased in free tax clinics.  The payments of tax credits or benefits such as Canada Child Benefit, GST/HST credits, and Ontario Trillium Benefits would stop after June if tax return has not been filed for 2021. Only then, income tax return suddenly becomes a priority for many people.

More serious money issues such as gambling or shopaholic would face even harsher criticism. I consider those as addictions similar to substance abuse.  They are mental health issues that need help rather than shaming.  Some people are much more subjective to addiction innately.  No one was born equally.  

Here is another example. An article says some people were born to enjoy exercise more while some just don’t.  I know this for sure.  A member in my tennis team said that she felt so happy every time after our team practice.  I can tell that her good mood was genuine and strong. I wish I share her sentiment since I only feel OK. I am envious of her because she has a natural and strong motivation. She doesn’t even need to try. She said if she didn’t play tennis for a few days. She wouldn’t feel good, and she had a craving for it. I have a craving for yummy food. 😊 I certainly know some who strongly dislike working out. They just enjoy being couch potatoes.  

We are so different inherently, so understanding is very difficult. If there is no understanding, there is no compassion. Then, shaming, it comes.

Just like body shaming. It doesn’t work because it destroys motivation.  Moreover, money shaming pushes people into secrecy and lies.

Hope there are more compassion and support towards money issues.

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