That could be me

I saw a homeless man a few nights ago when I was walking on the street with my friend. My friend said that could be her. I said that could be me.  It was not a competition.  We both agreed if we were born into his body and had the same experience, we might end up like him.

It seems the chance in life is like God putting souls in bodies randomly like musical chair. Some people won a lottery, but some got the opposite end.

Perhaps that is the reason why one should never look down upon anyone no matter what financial situation they are in or what they have done to cause that. Always it is easer said than done especially when one is impacted by the other’s action negatively.  For example, some have to help pay down the gambling debts incurred by their close family members.

One might think it would never happen to them. We all think that until life turns its ugly head on us. I saw this in a documentary a while ago. A man in US was running a small business successfully. Everything seems fine. Suddenly he was diagnosed with a severe illness. Soon he went bankrupt due to the heavy medical bills. He lost his business. Some might think that he should have bought better health insurance. Perhaps. Or perhaps the health care system was not set up right for the people in US?

Some got a very strict and tough upbringing under a tiger mum or dad. Habitual thinking dies hard or they didn’t even know that was the issue.  They tend to blame themselves weak or lazy when they face setbacks. On the contrary, ample kindness and compassion is much needed at this moment than harsh criticism towards oneself.  We don’t ask a tired and sick person to run a marathon. We treat them with some comfort food, a warm bed, and kind words.

Wish you more kindness for yourself and more to share with others.

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