Fight over money

What if your parents decided to leave all their inheritance to your siblings because they have young children while you don’t? On top of that, you sibling’s spouse is a stay-home mum, and they have a live-in nanny? Would you be genuinely at peace without any resentment? Some might not while some think that it is their money, and they have full right to do whatever they want with it. How much people differ!

I recalled someone once said that she is upset because her parents would leave the house to her brother because he is the only son.  Or the parents might expect the son to take care of them as an exchange for the inheritance? She doesn’t feel that is fair. I can understand how she feels for sure.

We always see billionaire family members fight over inheritance on TV shows or news on TV. Some thought working class doesn’t have this issue because the amount is much smaller, so it is less nasty. How wrong are we!  Size doesn’t matter! 😊 Because it is all they got!

I was fascinated how fighting and politics can be as ugly in the retail store floor as the big board room. Why bother with such smaller gain? However, they need income to make a living.

One can say money is not important when they already have it. Sometimes, no matter how much they already have, they would still fight tooth and nail for the inheritance. Perhaps at that point, money is no longer a mere utility but a measure of self worth or birth right.

We can only pray that money never divide our families.

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