A few ways to cut expenses

Given the severe inflation, many feel the financial squeeze. A penny saved is a penny earned. It might be easier than you think.

Replace meat with beans
Given the sky rocketing grocery bill thanks to inflation, perhaps to substitute some meat with beans and be vegetarian for a day or two per week is a healthy way to save money. Besides, it is also good for the environment. Meat production has heavier burden on the earth. As long as you use the right condiments, beans can be quite delicious. Check out recipes here. There are so many varieties of beans that are healthy and tasty. After a while I started to like the unique texture and taste of beans. I usually soak them overnight and boil them with low heat for 30 to 35 minutes. Then add them in the end to stir fry mixed vegetables and mushrooms. So easy and simple. No cooking skill is required. 😊

Use the library
So many great e-books or audiobooks to borrow for free. You might discover that you got a new passion for reading which is so economical and thoroughly enjoyable. Happiness can be indeed quite simple especially while I am listening to an audiobook I like.

Walk more
Gas price is up and down drastically. Maintaining a car is expensive too. Walking is a good cardio exercise that help lose the extra pounds too. You can walk while listening to an audiobook. Or ask a friend to walk with you if you want a social activity. Rather than always dining out with them which is spending money to gain weight. 😊 Just kidding.

Stop or reduce eating out for a bit
It can really help lose weight and reduce expenses. Invite friends over for a potluck party if you want to be social. To cook a big pot of chili can be quite affordable. Beans again. Wink, wink.😊

Quit or reduce smoking
It seems that many things good for health are good for wallet too. How much can you save if you quit smoking? A ton! And save your medical bills in the long run. If you lack of motivation, try to record how much you save everyday when you quit or reduce smoking. Hope the hard number can help you see the progress.

Change your social circle
You might find it hard to change your habits because of your friends. It might be time to refresh. 😊 Find people who can help you to build new habits that are good for your health physically, financially, and of course emotionally.

Best of luck!

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