Money in dating – he is not that into you?

On WeChat, the Chinese social media app, many short videos featuring relationship/dating experts gave very similar dating advice to single ladies. Money is a very telling indicator whether a guy is really into you. At least you can use it to screen out the guys who are not.

Money is indeed a scarce resource for most people. How a person deploys it does shows his priorities.

I think it depends on his spending on you in comparison to the total size of his net worth. Let’s be a bit statistical here. 😊 It is the percentage/ratio matters rather than the absolute dollar amount. For most ladies with average means and little experience, a bit generosity can wow them. Please do be careful.

Perhaps there is a bit cultural difference here in North America with all these talks about women’s independence and gender equality in the 21st century.  I am all for it. The key is that a woman needs to be happy on her own first. That is very attractive because her attitude exudes confidence.  Please just do not let a guy use this as an excuse to be calculating and penny pinching with you. It is going to kill a relationship. Or it will wither slowly in a painful and agonizing death. Small daily hurtful details do accumulate gradually and weigh like lead on a soul.

What if the man got little money at all? Then, he still has time. Time is also very scarce resource. Remember high school dating? If a guy laments that he doesn’t have enough money to court the woman, perhaps he might be just courting the wrong one. 😊 Sorry. It is tough out there. I know.

I was asked whether I would date someone who is not ideal. Definitely. No one is perfect. However, be clear what is must-have vs. nice-to-have. This doesn’t sound like falling in love with so much analyzing. 😊 Agreed. Falling means losing control. Hope everyone could experience that at least once in life. Love only needs passion to ignite. However, long-term relationship requires compatibility and thoughtful cultivation.  Kindness and generosity are must-have to maintain it.

Best luck to your relationship!

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