Weight loss vs. financial fitness challenge update

I met my September weight loss goal!  I can fit into some clothes I can’t before.  It just feels so good.  Just need to lose the last 4 pounds in October. I might probably get the flat ab that I am yearning for so much during all my adult life.  And get rid of the last bit of muffin top!  I can see the clear definition of the muscle on my arms. I can me flexing my arm muscle. Oh my god! Never saw that before. Yes, they were buried under my fat.  😊

Losing 1 pound per week is healthy so the plan is to lose 4 pounds per month. I never starve myself. The key is to take plenty of fiber such as variety of vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, fruits, and whole grains. I never feel hungry because of that. Add egg, milk, fish and lean meat for protein and other nutrients. Another key part is to combine cardio and strength training. I understand that most people just don’t have time. I walk 1 hour and play tennis for 1 hour every day if weather permits.  Such time is luxury for many. I am extremely lucky. For those who don’t have time, perhaps check out high intensity interval training that takes much less time.

One thing I learned from this is to set SMART goals which are acronym of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reward, Timeline.  Besides, regular tracking is important. If we stray from our goals, we need to take immediate measure to get back to the right track. I weigh myself daily.

When it comes to personal finance, it is quite similar. The most common goals are paying off debt or saving money. Finding the right methods, dedicate time for it, setting SMART goals, and tracking results regularly are all necessary. Missing any part will not work. That is why so many failed. However, the most important is motivation and emotion management. That’s why tracking progress regularly can help motivate us. A little big of progress regularly is very encouraging. Of course, there will be setbacks. The key is to focus on problem solving. Find out what went wrong and try to fix it. This activity can bring hope and get us back on the right track.

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