Pay more tax for better services?

Today is the day! For Toronto municipal election.

The voter turnout would be quite low per media reports so very unfortunately. Perhaps some people think it is not important?

Public transit is on top of my mind. Toronto is famous for its traffic congestion. Crumpling infrastructure is the theme of the developed world. In Toronto, there have been so many horrific incidents that people got pushed into the subway tracks. Some are unprovoked by complete strangers. In comparison, there is no way to fall into the subway tracks in China because they are blocked by glass walls which only opens doors to let passengers in and out of the subway carts. The bullet trains in China are so fast and punctual like military operation. There are only 5 minutes for each stop for passengers to get on and off. Delays are rare. I prefer it over airplanes because it is more comfortable and hassle free without delays.

Major improvement of infrastructure requires a strong political will to raise tax. Status quo is simply not an option. However, most politicians don’t have the gut to do that. They are afraid to sacrifice their political career. Can they at least do that before they leave or retire? 😊

It is even harder to raise tax now given the high inflation. However, Toronto does have relatively low property tax compared to nearby cities. Some politicians might be very proud of that or even brag about it. Can we just raise tax on those who can afford it? On property more than certain value? A poll was conducted before the pandemic to show Torontonians are OK with it, but I am not sure an opinion poll is reliable. Besides, how the economy situation has changed.

Anyhow, I did the advance voting. No matter what the outcome is, I just don’t want to blame myself that I didn’t vote.

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