Sustainable living in Uruguay

Just head a podcast today by New York Times on Uruguay’s success on sustainable living to fight climate change. With so much bad news of devastating extreme weather disasters and the lack of progress on governments’ effort to fight climate change, this is so encouraging and hopeful.

Another piece of good news is that we don’t have to cut back on eating beef. 😊 The key is to eat sustainable beef Uruguay claimed to produce. To achieve that, the land should not be overly grazed. Maintain the eco balance is very important.

Anyhow, I will still reduce meat consumption due to inflation. Beans, nuts, seeds, grains, and vegetables are quite tasty anyway. Greek yogurt with nuts and seeds are yummy. Nuts can be expensive for sure, but some beans like chickpeas’ texture is similar to nuts. 😊

I certainly need to do some self-reflection. I bought too many sports outfits this year, although they are quite cheap. The remedy is to use them for many years and will not buy new ones for a long time.

To remedy my mistakes, I dug out a ski jacket, a pair of snow pants, and a pair of hiking boots into good use in this snowy winter. They have been in my closet for more than 10 years but were only used for snow sports or hiking that I rarely do.

Uruguay’s society values more time with family, freedom and balance over materialism and consumption to fill one’s void. Very inspiring indeed.

Holiday season is fast approaching. Is gifting really the holiday spirit or just a peer pressure? These days, we gave so many toys to kids on birthdays and holidays. Is this really a good way to bring them up? We tend to overcompensate our children for what we lacked when we grew up. It could easily be overdone.

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