What I learned from Qatar hosting World cup

First, happiness can be free. Watching a football game can be totally free. Sorry, I am not going to call it soccer like most North American people do. 😊 Many European people are quite annoyed by calling it soccer. They said it is called football because you have to use your foot to touch the ball. The American Football is not football because they use hands. LOL!

Davis cup is on too. Sorry, had to digress.  Canada just beat Germany and will face Italy in Semi-finals this Saturday November 26.  Although we lost in the first game to Belgium in the World Cup, we won back on tennis. Yeah!

Second, since it can bring so much excitement, there is a lot of money at stake. Hence, power, politics and corruption are brought into it. A pure thing can easily be contaminated.

Third, diversify, diversify, diversify. That’s what Qatar is doing to diversify its economy. World Cup is a big PR campaign for them. Hopefully, it can bring future tourism revenue. We, as investors, need to diversify our investment portfolio. We, as workers, need to diversify our skill sets. However, one thing very urgently is that developed world need to diversify the players in each mature industries because they are too concentrated now with too much monopoly powers. The disaster of Taylor Swift Concern ticket by Ticketmaster is a good case in point. The recent baby formula shortage, Rogers nation wide network outage in Canada, grocery chains gauging consumers, on and on.

It seems we all need to diversify urgently.

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