More ideas to reduce food cost

Inflation is still all the rage. Holiday is just around the corner. Many people will have to spend more on gifts, dinner parties, travelling, etc. Therefore, we need to find ways to save a bit more on areas where we can.

Nuts are delicious and nutritious but quite expensive. Using beans as substitute for nuts is another way to cut grocery cost. Mix dry beans such as chickpeas, pinto beans, navy beans, kidney beans, etc. together. Soak them overnight and boil it for 30 minutes in low heat. After it is cool, add plain Greek yogurt. The beans texture tastes like nuts but cost much less and they are much healthier. Many people are allergic to nut, but beans are quite safe. I use extra crème plain Greek yogurt. Yummy! Of course, you can also add cooked beans to stir fry mixed vegetables as protein. Another dish I use quite often.

We used grocery delivery App during the height of the pandemic for the sake of safety. However, they used so many plastic bags. It feels very painful considering the impact to the environment. As soon as we feel safe to shop in person, we deleted the grocery delivery App. It saved us a lot of money. First, the annual subscription fee of $99 from the popular App. Not going to mention its name here. 😊 No free promotion for it. Second, they jacked up the price of individual grocery item. What the heck! Plus all the other fees on top. Had to stop using it. I am very pleased that we did.

Last but not least, we order food delivery from restaurants more often than we should. That is our guilty pleasure. When we are tired of our own cooking or when I am craving for certain food that I can’t make such as dim sum, I will be thinking about it all day. 😊 My solution is to buy some frozen dim sum/dumplings/dissert, they don’t taste as good, but still better than non. It can satisfy my craving just a bit. It is like a buffer before I use food delivery as last resort.

I am sure that you can come up with some great ideas to cut your food cost.

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