Another thing I learned from the World Cup

Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork.

That is my first year to watch the World Cup. It is indeed fascinating.

Teamwork means putting the team’s interest above one’s own. I imagine that it is lightning fast and there is no time to think at all on the football field. It must be intuition. The formation and the cooperation must already be drilled into each teammate’s mind and habit. When to feed the ball to another teammate is based on the better position to move forward or to goal.

The most effective strategy is to feed the ball among other teammates fast enough to confuse the opponents and crack their defense so that they can’t catch up with the fast-changing offence. It is just so beautiful to see how the teamwork spirit exemplify itself right before our eyes.  

In the personal finance world, we need a team or a teammate. In couple finance, we are lucky if our significant other is good at it and can take care of the household finance. We are also lucky if we can be a good team in personal finance. It means that we share the common goal and value system on money. There is trust, communication, and cooperation. Or this might not only harm our household finance but also harm the very foundation of our relationship.

If you decide to have a long term committed relationship with your partner, you will need to discuss finance. Debts, assets, spending habits, income, financial goals, etc. All are very important topics. Hope you won’t face any surprise later.

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