The word “Free”

English is an amazing language. The word “Free” is a prime example. It means freedom and no cost too. In Chinese, there are completely different words for these two concepts – “自由“ and ”免费“. However, how closely related these two concepts are.

When something free can bring me joy, I feel a sense of freedom. 😊 Isn’t it sublime?

Borrow books form the library. E-books or audiobooks are available, so you don’t even have to drive which use gas or take public transit which might cost extra if you don’t have monthly pass.

Writing – only if you like writing. Anything, it can be quite therapeutic or healing.

Walk in the park. Listen to music. Watch highlights of World Cup on YouTub. I don’t want to pay for subscription. 😊

Simplicity does enhance our freedom.

In this world of inflation, hope you can find many free things or experiences to bring you joy. Happy holidays!

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