Another way to cut grocery costs

Freeze, freeze, freeze. That is the trick.

If you have the space in your home, buy a freezer.  When meats are on sales, buy as many as you can store in the freezer.  Since meat is usually most expensive part of the grocery, this will save you a lot of money.

Of course, another way is to replace meat with beans, nuts, and seeds to whatever degree you are comfortable with. I started to enjoy and appreciate the texture of beans.  It is quite easy to add flavor to beans too. Perfect for a hearty meal in winter.  Yummy!

Another way to play with texture of the food is to add mixed whole grain rice. Red, black, and brown rice are rich in color, taste and nutrition.  Mix them with beans. It is like a symphony in my mouth. 😊 At this crucial moment, be present and enjoy the luxurious treat to your tongue.

Who said life is meaningless? I feel that meaning lies in every tiny moment of beauty, wonder and all sorts of delicious feelings.

Wish your 2023 is filled with those fine moments.

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