Cost of being a bridesmaid

It is very costly to be bridesmaids because they have to pay for their own dress, make up, hairdo, shoes, etc. on top of travelling. Now, I understand why it is so unfortunate to always be a bridesmaid. 😊

If the bride is demanding, that is even worse. It can cost thousands of dollars. It can end a friendship. If that is the case, end the friendship before spend the money on being the bridesmaid. LOL.

Some brides would pick and buy the bridesmaid dresses in discount. That’s very kind. The bridesmaids would need to be OK with this arrangement. Some are quite picky and might not like the dress. However, just be happy that you don’t have to pay for a dress you might not want to wear again. 

Some decided not to have bridesmaids at all. That’s very considerate. However, some friends of theirs might get upset because they might expect to be their bridesmaids. It is hard to please everyone.

However, for most people, it is wise to save and spend money on what truly counts.

Some people would just say no to destination wedding if they are not very close to the couple.  Very reasonable.

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