Can we afford a pet?

How much does it cost to own a pet? A few hundreds per month on average. This can be quite significant to someone on a tight budget. Given the inflation on everything, it can be even more challenging.

A family decided to have a pet usually for the kids. Most probably didn’t give much thought into how much it might cost them. Afterwards, they might still not realize it because they most likely do not have a budget. When an outside opinion reveals that to them, it might be to cruel to stop having the pet who has become part of the family. It is almost like having a baby.

Pet is indeed a luxury for many. If possible, please have a budget before having a pet. However, people have the habit of budgeting doesn’t need anyone tell them that. People without a budget habit will not start a budget just because they plan to have a pet.

For someone wants a pet but understand that they can’t afford it, perhaps they can volunteer at an animal shelter? Walk others’ dogs? What a great idea to make some extra money. Visit a friend or relative who has a pet more often.

If a family or someone  has to remove a pet suddenly due to budget issue, the ideal situation would be to give the pet to a willing relative or friend so that they can visit the pet later. Hope we all find a good solution for this challenge.

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