How to make things last longer

It seems that things don’t last as long as they used to before.

For home appliances, the new trend is to add a touch screen to everything. 😊 However, this is one reason why they break sooner. It can be quite expensive to fix. I am not sure that I really need the touch screen.

Last year, we spent $500 to fix the laundry dryer. However, it was from the previous owner of the house, and we lived there for more than 11 years.  Fortunately, nothing else broke so far except the microwave oven but that is inexpensive. We are very lucky so far. It seems buying good-quality appliances is one way to save in the long term.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are keys too. Here are some how to guides.  I find it quite satisfying cleaning out the lint stuck in the laundry dryer slot. 😊 It just needs the right tool such as a used toothbrush. Bending is an exercise to strengthen my core. 😊 Listening to an audiobook/podcast/music makes any house chore more enjoyable.

The also applies to shoes, clothes and bags. Good quality doesn’t mean luxury brand. For example, Geox is a pretty good quality brand for shoes. I am a loyal customer and only buy items on sales which is always on their website.

This doesn’t just save you money but also protect the environment by reducing waste and preserving the natural resource. Here are more tips.

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