How much to spend on Valentine’s Day?

Americans expected to spend $26 billion for Valentine’s Day this year up from $23.9 billion last year. More than half of consumers are planning to spend on average about $192.80.

I know some people who are genius on gifting that show their thoughts and hearts. It is not about how much spent on the gifts but how well they understand and remember what the receivers wants and needs.

I suck at this, so my solution is no gifting at all. LOL! Hope others do not give me any gift. I hate to receive bad gifts or give disappointing gifts too. If someone insists on gifting for holidays, I have to scramble to find a gift to reciprocate. I hate that stress too.

The other thing I dislike is the usual higher price for chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day. What the heck! Why would I allow this happen to me or my husband? He is so lucky to have me. LOL! Imagine how much money I save for him. He said it felt like hitting a jackpot! His word, not mine. 😊

I found it most romantic when he made me a tiramisu or souffle. Yummy and economical!

Of course, everyone is different.  Some like luxury goods. That’s perfectly fine as long as they can afford it. Some like new experience. A friend gave her husband 2 tickets to opera for Christmas because they haven’t been. What a great idea! I am lazy and boring, so just stuck to my tiramisu and souffle. 😊

If you are short on money, you can offer to do some house chores for your loved one for a week or a month. It would definitely be appreciated.

I used to go to stores right after Valentine’s Day to look for discounted chocolates, but I never find any. Did they clear the shelf not to let people like me take advantage of them?

If everyone is like me, perhaps the economy goes straight to recession or depression. LOL! I am glad that other people are spending their money to drive the economy. Just hope that they are financially healthy and do not overspend.

Hope you had a sweet Valentine’s Day.

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