Oh my, the government websites!

I was helping someone to register GST/HST account online for her small business. When she clicks register, it just went back to the original webpage. She and me looked all around but just can’t find the page to register online. She had to call. The service Rep on the call was nice, but what a waste of time and resource for both the government and the new small business owners. The Rep told her that she can actually use her personal CRA MyAccount for the Business CRA MyAccount. Why doesn’t the CRA website just say that? On the CRA website, it clearly separates person account from business account.  She didn’t know and had to create a separate set of log in.

I tried see the CPP estimate payment. There is link to Service Canada after we log in to CRA MyAccount for individuals. When I click, it asked me to sign in to Service Canada. There are a few options. One is GCKey. I have a GCKey for my business, but not sure whether I can use it for this. I gave it a try. It worked, but only halfway. It asked me to verify further by entering my banking login, but the available banks are the big 5 such as CIBC, RBC, Scotia, BMO, and TD. I don’t use them for my personal or even business banking because they are expensive. 😊 Or I need to have a security code from CPP or OAS. Probably they mail it to me.  It doesn’t say where to get one either.  What the heck! That is just too complicated and frustrating.

Just another thought. People can use their banking log in for CRA MyAccount, but I hesitate to do so. I’d rather create one log in credential just for CRA. I don’t think it is a good idea to share log in credentials among different websites for security reasons.

Please use a password management app to manage your various log in information. The link shows the review by PC Magaine.

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