Was Google wrong on AI?

It got punished for being cautious. For search, it got a lot more to lose than Microsoft’s Bing. However, Microsoft just incorporated AI into its Office’s products which is its bread and butter. I wonder whether it is mature enough. Will wait and see.

I understand why Google is being so cautious. AI can have profound impact on people. There are ample examples that the machine is learning and incorporating the bad and ugly of our society.

Can you hold your ground and stick to your principles you believe is right?

Tough. How patient can the board or shareholders be with the management team. CEO Sundar Pichai emailed to employees emphasizing that Google was not successful on being the first to market but providing the best product. Agreed.

Google is asking its workforce to evaluate the AI search engine Bard’s results to improve it. Currently,

Google contract to third party company RaterLab to evaluate the Google search engine results. Employees in RaterLab are not allowed to work more than 26 hours per week while 30 hours are the threshold for benefits. They are making less than $15/hour.   RaterLab’s only known client is Google interestingly. It seems that Google is trying cut cost by keeping those employees in low-pay jobs without benefits. It is easy to arouse anger especially how profitable Google is.

The question is that now AI search is the most important competition for Google. Will it consider treating those workers better and give them a living wage and benefits?

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