Restaurant expense cutting challenge

The biggest expense is restaurant delivery and dining out.

When I am home and tired of my own cooking or craving for something I can’t make, I will order restaurant delivery via Apps. It is quite expensive. I uninstalled all the restaurant delivery Apps from my phone. I still have Uber because I might need a ride when I am out late at night for safety sake. If I still order restaurant from Uber.  I will uninstall it and get an App like Lyft without food delivery option.

When I am out and about, my mind right away goes to which restaurant nearby I should go. 😊 That’s just a habit. Very tempting. Yesterday, I went for an appointment downtown and spent $80 on restaurant. It was not planned at all.

Here is the solution.  Do not bring credit cards with me and only bring $20 cash. This way will be very effective to stop the above spontaneous dining out expense.

If it is social dining, I will not say no. I just need to order enough for myself. I tend to overorder and then bring the leftover home.

My goal is to cut my monthly restaurant expenses in half. Will see how it goes.

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