Should CRA prepare your tax returns?

Most people tax affairs are very simple. They should not have to pay to get it done. Usually it costs $100. Some countries do it for the individuals and just ask them to sign off. I think it can be done in Canada for most people. CRA has the tax slips/statements from employers and financial institutions anyway. It can develop a web-based software inside CRA My Account and incorporate all the available tax information.  Individuals can just sign in and add other expenses onto the tax return.

For elderly or people don’t have access to computer or internet, NGO can help them out. The above enhanced version can really simplify and speedup the process for the volunteers. Volunteers just need to enter the clients’ name, date of birth and social insurance number to identify them and retrieve their preliminary tax return. Then add additional information such as rent, medical expense, donations, etc.

Many people are intimidated by tax return because they fear the complexity, numbers, and tax/financial jargons. This above can really make it easier for them.

Just heard an podcast by NPR The Indicator from Planet Money – The dating game that does your tax. Gamify the tax return filing. The game uses dating process to interview the user and enter tax information to into the App. Great idea! 😊 Perhaps CRA can use that? Not sure CRA is allowed to be so much fun.

There is still time to file your tax return in Canada. The deadline is April 30. Anyhow, hope you tax season is a smooth sailing one.

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