The quality we consume

I went to one of my favourite bakery spots which has been closed for 2 months for renovation. A bit too eager, I found that their ready-to-serve food in display was very eye catching. I forgot I did try before, and it was only mediocre at best. Apparently, the distant memory faded. I ordered a combo. The portion was very generous. I was so excited that as soon as I got home, I dug into it. How disappointed I was! The appearance was very misleading. Again, mediocre at best. The texture of the spare rib was quite rough. The green beans were not crispy at all. The rice noodle was blend. Now the big portion became a burden. I hate to waste food, so I had to force it down my throat. I did in two meals. I felt that I wasted my precious calories in-take quota in such low-quality food. Although it is inexpensive at only $14, I could have put it into better use.  Lesson learned today. I should be very selective on the quality of stuff I consume.  

Fast fashion is another example. What a waste and pollution! We can buy good-quality clothes on sale that last for a long time. When things are good, they are timeless. What outdated? It is called retro. 😊You can pull it off with enough confidence and creativity. Good for your wallet too.

Also, so many contents on social media these days are just garbage. No nutrition at all for the mind. Negative, untrue, bitter, cynical, on and on.  Some are bordering scams. For example, teach people how to get rich fast or how to lose weight fast. There are so many super annoying ads with guys screaming at me about how much money I can make by investing in their scheme. There should be a button to block those ads. I refuse to pay YouTube for an ad-free version just out of spite. They think they can annoy me enough to pay them to stop the annoyance. No way!

Time is a precious commodity. Let’s allocate it for our better satisfaction.

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