Crazy grocery prices again

It seems that grocery price is on top of our minds these days.

Just this weekend, someone asked me where I do my grocery shopping. She wants to find a cheaper place to shop.

Heard another podcast by The Big Story “Why your grocery prices are getting tougher to predict?” There is an interesting point in it by Dr. Kelleen Wiseman, Academic Director, Master of Food and Resource Economics program at the university of British Columbia, one of the authors of the Canada’s Food Price Report for 2023.

She said she compared the Canadian grocery price increase with other countries such as US and UK. It seems that they are in line. But are most developed countries highly concentrated in most of their industries with only a few dominant players? As a result, they lack competition. They can easily keep price high or higher even if the costs for the big grocery chains cool down.  

What can we shoppers do? Perhaps it is not where to shop but when to shop? Find out when the meat goes on sales? There is certain time of the day the discount stickers are put on the package. 😊 Then load them up and put in a freezer. Or eat more beans and whole grain mix rice? 😊 Sorry if that is not your cup of tea. It might be an acquired taste for some. If you put enough garlic, onion, or whatever condiment you like, they can taste pretty good. I just made a big pot of porridge with whole grain red rice, whole grain black rice, red kidney beans, chickpeas, corn, scallop, diced carrot, and green peas. Does it sound scary? LOL. It was loaded with fiber and protein. Love the texture and taste. I enjoy being creative with it too. 😊 I even threw in a salty egg and a preserved egg, my favourite.

Hope you find your way around this crazy grocery price hike without jeopardizing your health and appetite.

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