Restaurants expense cutting challenge update

It’s been 2 weeks since I started this challenge. It is going well! 😊 I didn’t order any restaurants delivery in the past 4 weeks.

I did deploy all the solutions or tricks.

I started to learn new, easy and delicious recipes. How about roasting a whole eel? Just put a bit oil, salt and pepper.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenhei and roast for 30 minutes. Ready to serve! Yummy! Another success is black rice, red rice and 10 other mixed rice porridge? Throw in scallop, chickpeas, red kidney beans, black turtle beans, corn kernel, green peas and etc. Rich with fiber and nutrients. Very hearty in a gloomy rainy day. Anyhow, just be creative to experimenting different ingredients. Just cook what our hearts craving for. 😊 Next time, I am going to make clam soup. Seafood is always easy and fast. Just make sure not to overcook or it would become rubbery. That would the biggest regret of my life. 😊

I also bought 2 packs of frozen dim sum at the last grocery run. I know it is not very healthy, but that is my last resort. At least cheaper than ordering restaurant delivery.

When I was out and about in downtown, I did manage to resist the temptation to go to my favorite restaurant nearby. I try to think about how yummy the food I can make. If there is nothing exciting in the fridge at home, I would go to the grocery store and buy a swimming seabass or a live lobster. 😊 Then, I can steam it when I get home.  A piece of cake.

The key is not to suppress the craving, but to satisfy it in a more economical and healthy way. The food must be tasty. Otherwise, the yearning will continue until it is met. Just like everything else in life.

Sometimes, we want to eat when we are bored or down. Eating is easy and fast, but if that is the only way, it can be dangerous and out of control. The weather has been miserable in past 2 weeks with non-stop raining. I have to cancel all my outdoor activities. This naturally led to indoor eating. LOL! My solution is to drink green tea, a few cups a day to increase the metabolism if I have to eat. Did a lot of dramatic reading on an intriguing book “War and Peace”. Tolstoy is very witty and insightful with tons of biting sarcasm especially when he described all kinds of characters in the society of the Russian upper class. Weather is looking good the coming weekend! Already set up some sports matches. Going to burn off some serious calories!

The restaurant cost is going to be cut in half this month. Although the grocery bill will be increased, I have to live a little, no? 😊 At least I can control the ingredients.  It is cheaper and healthier.  Very proud of myself.  Keep up the good work!

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