Good economics and business podcasts

Here are some podcasts I like on economics, finance and business.

Marketplace podcast

Daily update focuses on US economy.

Planet Money by NPR

Always educational. Its purpose is to educate the masses on money matters including economics, personal finance, business, etc. It tries to make complicated concepts easy to understand. I find it quite friendly and interesting. Always learned something new from it.

The Indicator by Planet Money

This is a short 10-minute podcast that covers many interesting and timely topics. One recent episode was The dating game that does your taxes. It tries to make it fun and light-hearted. That is very helpful for a topic many people might find dry and heavy.

The Journal Podcast by Wall Street Journal

We need unique insights not just headlines. For regular news, I turn to New York Times that stands out with its in-depth analysis and insights. For money related, WSJ might one source to try.

Taking Stock by BNN Bloomberg

This is Canadian content. Not easy to find a good one.  Comprehensive and good coverage for Canadian economics and financial markets.

Stress Test by Globe and Mail

Yes, we need more Canadian contents. It focuses on personal finance especially on it is getting tough financially for so many Candians. I can’t have too much relevant Canadian contents.

Marketplace by CBC

Although it is not a podcast, it is very informative and full of investigative journalism insights. It is a good education to be a smart and well-informed consumer. Thumbs up.

Hope you might find the above helpful.

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