Husbands are more OK with wives making more now

Wall Street Journal Your Money Briefing Podcast recently aired an interesting episode that more wives who out earn their husbands now are less likely to divorce.

It implies that before, the fact that wives earned more than their husbands can lead to divorce because the husbands’ ego can’t deal with it. 😊 It is very interesting. Some guys are very practical. They want an educated wife who has a good job which leads to more income. However, they still expect the wife to be obedient. However, a wife who is educated and has a professional job is probably independent minded. They would expect equal partnership in the marriage. That is the misalignment.

Nowadays, more husbands see this as an upside rater than a hurt to their self-esteem. Simply more money for us as a family or household. We can be better off. There are more options and freedom for us. Most importantly, they are more open-minded to the equality in marriage rather than he is the head of the household. I used UFILE to file tax returns for clients in the free tax clinics. The software still asks to enter who is the head of the household. I felt that this concept is so outdated. 😊

Women suffer both ways before. If they earn less, they have less power in the marriage. If they earn more, it can break up the marriage. God, women just can’t win. They are pigeonholed. What a limited and narrow living space was offered to them.

Certainly, the society is progressing at the right direction. Some good news for a change. However, some women still rely on their husbands to manage the household finance and make all the financial decision. They are just ignorant about all of it. It can be quite dangerous. Personal finance is way too important to leave it to someone else. Learn financial literacy and get involved in the household finance decisions. It is never too late to learn.

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