Young people are harmed by financial fraud more?

We thought the elderly is the target because they are not tech savvy. However, both of them are targets. The scammers do not discriminate. They just use different media to reach different group.

BNN Bloomberg reported this interesting finding that young Canadians fell victim to financial fraud more. The main reason is that young people are more active online and are less careful to protect their personal information over the internet.

Wall Street Journal WSJ Tech New Briefing recently aired an episode Social-Media shopping scams target young people.  People didn’t receive the products they paid for on social media.

Here are a few popular social media scams published by National Bank. Very good resource to educate ourselves.

For senior, the scammers would target them with phone scams. For young people, they use social media. Marketing 101 is all about the most effective way to reach the target group.

In the past two weeks, I got scam calls from the same scammer a few times per day! Always leave a voicemail. I have to key in my password to access my voicemail and delete the message because if I don’t, it gets filled up easily. Perhaps I should just leave it full so that the scammer can’t leave voicemail anymore. If someone wants to reach me, they can leave me a text message. There is no way I can block the phone number because it changes every time. Technology! Darn it.

I guessed I am old because the scammer targets me via phone. Age discrimination! LOL.

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