Update – dining out/food delivery cost cutting challenge

It has been another 3 weeks on this challenge to reduce my spending on dining out and food delivery. Things are looking good. I didn’t dine out alone or order any restaurant food delivery in the past 3 weeks.

I had this habit that if I am out, I am constantly thinking where there is a good restaurant nearby even if I am on my own. I am totally comfortable dining out alone. The food provides sufficient the entertainment and satisfaction. I don’t feel bored at all. I will analyze the menu and focus on the food when I am savoring it. Since the food inflation has been outrageous, I started this challenge 2 months ago to cut cost of dining out and food delivery.

It was difficult at first because changing habit is always hard at the beginning. However, it gets easier and easier. My solution is just to cook more delicious food or buy some frozen dim sum such as custard bun, sesame rice balls, shrimp dumpling, etc. as last resort. Buy delicious and easy to cook grocery items such as live lobster, swimming sea bass, scallop, shrimps, oysters, etc. Those seafoods are fool proof.  Just steam, boil or stir fry them. A piece of cake. The timing is the key, but information is online. If we don’t get it the first time, we will improve the next time. Love this cooking journey. The fruit of labor is instantaneous. I love cooking now if the labor of love is light. 😊

I saved $200 last month on dining out/food delivery. Hope your plans on cost cutting go well too.

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