Loud quitting our jobs?

We might consider this more than once in our career. There could be many reasons. Someone told me that every Sunday evening, the depression starts to creep in because the idea that he has to go to work next day gradually emerges. 😊 I experienced that myself.

Someone shared that he dreaded opening the laptop for work. He worked from home in the past three years. He loves the saving time and money from the commute, but it feels monotonous. He definitely do not want to go back to the office either. He believes it is time for a change.

Another person told me that he just went to a cross-functional meeting which was to discuss how to increase price on consumers. He was so tired of the same s!@#$. He was thinking just go ahead and do it since the company can anyway. The competitors will follow suits because the industry is dominated by three big companies. The people who decided the price all know each other because they all used to work in the same team and then moved around among these three big companies. They know what they think.  LOL.  He wants a change because he doesn’t feel motivated anymore.

At this point, it is all about doing the math or crunch the number on the household budget while considering the retirement planning, children’s education, etc. Open and honest discussion with spouse.

Some couples who take turns to take a break from their jobs as long as their finance allows. Everybody is different and every household is different. Some people live very simple life with low expense. They have more freedom to choose. Some might have different passions that requires more spending. They need to take that into consideration.

We might feel guilty if we don’t work. I don’t think we need to prove to anyone our own self worth. Only my personal belief. That idea that we have to try our best to prove ourselves to anyone including ourselves is the stressor or root of many mental illness. In the ideal world, AI or machine can do a lot of work. Everyone has a floor of universal basic income for necessity. They have more freedom to choose what they want to spend their lives. The health care cost will go right down. 😊 The crime rate and police costs will be cut drastically too.

No need to talk about time management. I now hate it that concept. Someone got too much work assigned to them. The manager just told him that he needs to learn how to manage his time. That is just BS!

To conclude, be sure to do budgeting and long-time financial planning including retirement and children’s education before you want to take a break from our jobs. Hope you find peace and happiness from the break.

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