Apps to curb impulsive money behaviours

Many of us made impulsive money behaviors.  Some more and some less. Rather than feeling guilty and helpless, there is a solution. A recent Wall Street Journal Money Briefing podcast reports that some apps can help to curb those bad behaviors. It can remind us to take a break and asking ourselves “What’s my intentionContinue reading “Apps to curb impulsive money behaviours”

How much to spend on Valentine’s Day?

Americans expected to spend $26 billion for Valentine’s Day this year up from $23.9 billion last year. More than half of consumers are planning to spend on average about $192.80. I know some people who are genius on gifting that show their thoughts and hearts. It is not about how much spent on the giftsContinue reading “How much to spend on Valentine’s Day?”

Phone bill too high in Canada?

Here is a story on how a Rogers customer got her phone and internet bill cut in half, from more than $300 to around $150. She stayed on the phone for 5 hours to achieve that.  5 hours are gruelling but saving $150 per month or $1800 per year.  That is significant savings for manyContinue reading “Phone bill too high in Canada?”

Half of Canadians have little rainy day fund

Our oven can’t heat a week ago. It took $435 to fix it. Last year, we spent $350 to fix our laundry dryer when it didn’t dry. Fortunately we have emergency fund set aside for those home repairs. I read an article that 40% of American don’t have $400 for emergency fund. That is veryContinue reading “Half of Canadians have little rainy day fund”

Teach kids financial literacy

Here are a few good programs by Junior Achievement to teach grade school and high school students financial literacy. They offered both in-person and online presentation delivered by volunteers. It covers very essential and wide range of topics such as inflation, credit card, exchange rate, currency, budgeting, online shopping investing, etc. It aims to buildContinue reading “Teach kids financial literacy”

What if I am just not good with money?

Quite a few people said that to me. They are very creative and intelligent at their fields but feel quite intimidated when it comes to personal finance which is filled with numbers and jargons. One guy said he read a paragraph about TFSA withdrawal and contribution rules. He read it 5 times, but still can’tContinue reading “What if I am just not good with money?”

Grocery apps to save money

Due to inflation, grocery price increased significantly. Researchers in Dalhousie University’s Agri-Food Analytics Lab predicted another 5% to 7% increase this year resulting in more than $1000 grocery cost increase for average Canadian families.   Some apps aim to sell discounted grocery to consumers while reducing food waste. Here are some examples. Per Second Harvest,Continue reading “Grocery apps to save money”