How much remote work has saved?

There is a big fight between employees and employers on remote work. Amazon employees staged a protest this week over that company’s mandate that remote workers should return to the office by May 1. Disney, Starbucks, News Corp, and Lyft have also demanded employees return to the office. Is it caused by the recent layContinue reading “How much remote work has saved?”

Disinformation/misinformation in personal finance

‘I’ve never saved a dime’: Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran has spent her millions, Yahoo Finance recently reported. She gives it away by investing it in business or other people the returns have kept coming back. The article also mentioned another Shark, Mark Cuban, who has opposite philosophy when it comes to money.  In 2015, CubanContinue reading “Disinformation/misinformation in personal finance”

Update – dining out/food delivery cost cutting challenge

It has been another 3 weeks on this challenge to reduce my spending on dining out and food delivery. Things are looking good. I didn’t dine out alone or order any restaurant food delivery in the past 3 weeks. I had this habit that if I am out, I am constantly thinking where there isContinue reading “Update – dining out/food delivery cost cutting challenge”

Restaurants expense cutting challenge update

It’s been 2 weeks since I started this challenge. It is going well! 😊 I didn’t order any restaurants delivery in the past 4 weeks. I did deploy all the solutions or tricks. I started to learn new, easy and delicious recipes. How about roasting a whole eel? Just put a bit oil, salt andContinue reading “Restaurants expense cutting challenge update”

Restaurant expense cutting challenge

The biggest expense is restaurant delivery and dining out. When I am home and tired of my own cooking or craving for something I can’t make, I will order restaurant delivery via Apps. It is quite expensive. I uninstalled all the restaurant delivery Apps from my phone. I still have Uber because I might needContinue reading “Restaurant expense cutting challenge”

How to cut cost of restaurant delivery?

I am guilty of ordering too much food delivery via Apps lately. Here are the three ideas I came up with. First, buy a few bags of frozen dim sum such as dumplings, Siu Mai, Ha Gao, and custard bun. 😊 I know it is not healthy. At least they are cheaper. Second, if IContinue reading “How to cut cost of restaurant delivery?”

Are Canadian grocery chains overcharging consumers?

This seems like an eternal question. 😊 I thought it was an easy one. Just look at the growth in both percentage and absolute amount of the cost and profit of grocery sales. It was not so in reality. The big three Canadian grocery chains executives were questioned by Parliament recently on whether they chargedContinue reading “Are Canadian grocery chains overcharging consumers?”