Couple finance – who pays how much for what?

Money is one of the top three reasons for divorce. Everything is easier if both partners/spouses share similar values or believes in money. For example, both like to save money. If one likes to spend while the other like to save, it is going to cause conflict. In this situation, the couple can reach anContinue reading “Couple finance – who pays how much for what?”

Saving for emergency fund vs. paying off debt?

Starbucks just launched a new employee benefit program to encourage savings and manage student loan.  My Starbucks Savings is intended to help employees save for the “unexpected,” according to a company press release. In partnership with Fidelity, employees can contribute a portion of after-tax pay on a recurring basis directly from their paycheck to anContinue reading “Saving for emergency fund vs. paying off debt?”

Money in dating – he is not that into you?

On WeChat, the Chinese social media app, many short videos featuring relationship/dating experts gave very similar dating advice to single ladies. Money is a very telling indicator whether a guy is really into you. At least you can use it to screen out the guys who are not. Money is indeed a scarce resource forContinue reading Money in dating – he is not that into you?

Experiences over stuffs?

These days, the popular expert advice is to spend on experiences rather than stuffs. The ad of a travel website asked a seemingly wise question. On the day you die, would you regret things you didn’t buy or places you didn’t go. I would answer perhaps both. 😊 It might depend on what youContinue reading “Experiences over stuffs?”

A few ways to cut expenses

Given the severe inflation, many feel the financial squeeze. A penny saved is a penny earned. It might be easier than you think. Replace meat with beansGiven the sky rocketing grocery bill thanks to inflation, perhaps to substitute some meat with beans and be vegetarian for a day or two per week is a healthyContinue reading “A few ways to cut expenses”

Saving for an EV

It seems wildfires, floods, and signs of extreme whether are everywhere caused by climate change. We naturally want to do something to feel that we can exert some control over the situation rather than just sitting on the sideline feeling hopeless. One option is to switch to an EV – electronic vehicle.  Given such highContinue reading Saving for an EV

In love with budgeting! :-)

I know this sounds very strange. How about me telling you that I love spreadsheet? LOL! The answer is a sense of control in this messy and crazy world. Control comes from awareness. I started to keep a budget when we got a mortgage soon after 08/09 financial crisis.  Our goal is to pay itContinue reading “In love with budgeting! :-)”