Open a business bank account

I helped someone to open a small business chequing account recently. She and her husband are starting a small business. I suggested RBC digital choice business account because its monthly fee is $5 which is the lowest. She does all her transactions online so it fits her needs. We tried to apply online. After weContinue reading “Open a business bank account”

Independent contractor vs employee?

It is quite common for IT industry to offer contact works. Naturally, many people would ask how they compare to each other. At what hourly rate of a contract can I at least make the same as an employee after all the taxes and expenses? It does need some investigation and calculations. First question mightContinue reading “Independent contractor vs employee?”

An affordable business tax software

I have been researching for an affordable tax software for Canadian corporation tax return which is called T2. I went through each website of the T2 tax software certified by CRA – Canada revenue agency. There are around 20 of them. The one I am looking for is for simple tax return with most affordableContinue reading “An affordable business tax software”

Ghosted by the biggest bank

After some research, I found that RBC has the highest cash back reward at 1% among all the business credit cards without annual fee. That’s the one I am going with since my business credit need is very simple and small.  I never expect that it took so much effort to open a business creditContinue reading “Ghosted by the biggest bank”