US 30-year fixed mortgage rate recent drop

As of December 1, 2022, Mortgage rates fell for a third straight week, notching their biggest three-week decline in 14 years.  Over the last month, that rate has dropped from 7.16% to 6.4%, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. Federal Reserve has been raising federal fund target rates. Should the mortgage rate continue to increase too?Continue reading “US 30-year fixed mortgage rate recent drop”

Use Go Fund Me to pay for necessity?

Just heard in the Marketplace podcast that a single mother in US had to use Go Fund Me to raise $2000 to cover cost of car and air conditioning repair because her salary as an assistant to a Physician can’t catch up with inflation. She has a 9-year-old son who is as tall as sheContinue reading “Use Go Fund Me to pay for necessity?”

Education as an investment and affirmative action

If education is an investment, how does affirmative action impact it? Without affirmative action, some believe that Asian admission to top universities in US could be higher. There are quite some debates about it. Statistics shows that after the ban of affirmative action in California in 1996, the black and Hispanic students admission dropped significantly.Continue reading “Education as an investment and affirmative action”

What I learned from Qatar hosting World cup

First, happiness can be free. Watching a football game can be totally free. Sorry, I am not going to call it soccer like most North American people do. 😊 Many European people are quite annoyed by calling it soccer. They said it is called football because you have to use your foot to touch theContinue reading “What I learned from Qatar hosting World cup”

Could we have a public pension that pays enough?

What if the national pension can pay enough for a living with dignity? Is this a pipe dream? It is too much responsibility that many governments are willing to take on. So many can’t even meet the current obligations or promises due to aging population. However, perhaps that is the exact reason why drastic changeContinue reading “Could we have a public pension that pays enough?”

Class warfare – does wage increase contribute to inflation?

It seems that is the position of Bank of Canada Governor, Tiff Macklem. That seems one of his justifications to increase interest rate to increase unemployment to fight inflation. No wonder he got push back from union and NGO leaders. Just one question first. Does wage increase keep pace with inflation now or ever? IfContinue reading “Class warfare – does wage increase contribute to inflation?”

Anti-trust for banks to divest from fossil fuel together?

Heard an interesting podcast yesterday by Globe and Mail. Can big banks save us from climate change. Follow the money. Money is power.  Blah, blah, blah.  The idea is that if we can control where the money goes, we can control the future of the world. In short, if we can stop or reduce theContinue reading Anti-trust for banks to divest from fossil fuel together?

Is continuous growth necessary?

The definition of recession is that the GDP of a country declines for two consecutive quarters. Oh my god!   Recession is a scary word. It means lay off, unemployment, and economic pains and sufferings for many people. I am still not totally convinced. Is there a balance that is good for the environment and people’sContinue reading Is continuous growth necessary?

Sustainable living in Uruguay

Just head a podcast today by New York Times on Uruguay’s success on sustainable living to fight climate change. With so much bad news of devastating extreme weather disasters and the lack of progress on governments’ effort to fight climate change, this is so encouraging and hopeful. Another piece of good news is that weContinue reading “Sustainable living in Uruguay”

Where is the growth – new UK budget?

The long-anticipated UK budget was out yesterday. I have been waiting for it. I believe many were because of the fiasco of last one that brought down the Prime Mister and the many tough challenges UK is facing. How are they going to tackle them? First, let’s talk about the bright spots I personally like.Continue reading “Where is the growth – new UK budget?”