Apps to curb impulsive money behaviours

Many of us made impulsive money behaviors.  Some more and some less. Rather than feeling guilty and helpless, there is a solution. A recent Wall Street Journal Money Briefing podcast reports that some apps can help to curb those bad behaviors. It can remind us to take a break and asking ourselves “What’s my intentionContinue reading “Apps to curb impulsive money behaviours”

The challenge to learn financial literacy

The key about learning is to keep the experience positive. 😊 The common and easy mistake is to make it a pain which I committed too often. Something comes very easy to some people could be quite challenging to others. It absolutely requires talent to explain how bond and interest work to a 7-year-old inContinue reading “The challenge to learn financial literacy”

What if I am just not good with money?

Quite a few people said that to me. They are very creative and intelligent at their fields but feel quite intimidated when it comes to personal finance which is filled with numbers and jargons. One guy said he read a paragraph about TFSA withdrawal and contribution rules. He read it 5 times, but still can’tContinue reading “What if I am just not good with money?”

Financial challenges from separation

Separation or divorce is very hard. I don’t wish it on anyone. The financial challenge that comes with it can very overwhelming. Here is one scenario. A couple with a young daughter bought a big house in a very nice neighborhood more than a year ago. Now, they have to divorce because the marriage doesn’tContinue reading “Financial challenges from separation”

Canadian Crypto FOMO

Per the latest podcast of The Decibel by the Globe and Mail – FTX and  Canadian crypto FOMO, FTX wanted to enter Canadian Market because but it never completed.  One possible reason is that they didn’t open their accounting/financial records to Ontario Securities Commission. Should we Canadians be proud because Canadian investors have better regulationsContinue reading “Canadian Crypto FOMO”

Financial literacy confidence women vs. men

The Canadian Financial Fitness 2022 research found something quite interesting on gender variation.   When it comes to personal finance literacy, young men are more confident than young women. However, financial literacy test results showed that they are very similar. When they age, women become more confident, and men become less. Finally, they will converge. 😊Continue reading “Financial literacy confidence women vs. men”

Financial fatalism

Just saw a presentation on findings of a market research – Canadian Financial Fitness 2022 conducted by Environics for Accredit Financial Counsellor Canada. Very insightful indeed. Please do check it out. The research polled people by how they feel about their financial situations rather than external factors such as income or education level. This isContinue reading “Financial fatalism”

Another thing I learned from the World Cup

Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. That is my first year to watch the World Cup. It is indeed fascinating. Teamwork means putting the team’s interest above one’s own. I imagine that it is lightning fast and there is no time to think at all on the football field. It must be intuition. The formation and the cooperationContinue reading “Another thing I learned from the World Cup”