Dead people are the best investors!

Heard the above a few days ago. How insightful! It means that the passive index investing style is better for most people who have long investment horizon. Dead people do have a very long investment horizon because they don’t need to withdraw money anymore. 😊 Just let it compounding and compounding. That’s why generation wealthContinue reading “Dead people are the best investors!”

Weight loss vs. financial fitness challenge update

I met my September weight loss goal!  I can fit into some clothes I can’t before.  It just feels so good.  Just need to lose the last 4 pounds in October. I might probably get the flat ab that I am yearning for so much during all my adult life.  And get rid of theContinue reading Weight loss vs. financial fitness challenge update

Another form of self abuse

I once heard that perfection is the highest form of self abuse. Very wise indeed. I personally consider workaholism as another form of self abuse. That could stem from underlying insecurity. Fear of losing one’s job or even one’s self worth. It might be from an extremely strict and tough upbringing that they are neverContinue reading Another form of self abuse

Single ladies finance – online dating scams

It usually goes like this. You never see this person. It is only long distance. He always has good reasons that he can’t meet you now, but he will soon. At some point, he askes you for money. Somehow the money can help him/her to see you. They are usually very skillful. When they reachContinue reading Single ladies finance – online dating scams

Couple finance – who pays how much for what?

Money is one of the top three reasons for divorce. Everything is easier if both partners/spouses share similar values or believes in money. For example, both like to save money. If one likes to spend while the other like to save, it is going to cause conflict. In this situation, the couple can reach anContinue reading “Couple finance – who pays how much for what?”

Be the best of ourselves all the time?

Having been watching US Open lately. Iga Swiatek won the women championship. At the start of the tournament, she said she didn’t like the balls in US open because it is lighter than the ones for men. It bounces too much. She didn’t expect herself to win it.  Besides, she admitted that she was notContinue reading “Be the best of ourselves all the time?”

Money in dating – he is not that into you?

On WeChat, the Chinese social media app, many short videos featuring relationship/dating experts gave very similar dating advice to single ladies. Money is a very telling indicator whether a guy is really into you. At least you can use it to screen out the guys who are not. Money is indeed a scarce resource forContinue reading Money in dating – he is not that into you?

Experiences over stuffs?

These days, the popular expert advice is to spend on experiences rather than stuffs. The ad of a travel website asked a seemingly wise question. On the day you die, would you regret things you didn’t buy or places you didn’t go. I would answer perhaps both. 😊 It might depend on what youContinue reading “Experiences over stuffs?”