Please check your title insurance

Home selling scam has been in the news recently. Some homeowners were away for work or vacation for an extended period. When they came back, they were shocked to find that their house had been sold without their knowledge. That is very nerve-racking indeed.  I can’t imagine what they were going through. Fortunately, there isContinue reading “Please check your title insurance”

Home selling frauds

More than 30 homes in Greater Toronto Area were sold or mortgaged without homeowner’s knowledge.  This is very unnerving considering many Canadians are house rich and cash poor. Majority of their wealth are locked inside their houses. 3 people were charged for selling homes they don’t own in Toronto. Organized crime groups hired criminals toContinue reading “Home selling frauds”

Dementia and financial mismanagement

Population aging will naturally increase the number of dementias. It can easily lead to financial mismanagement for those seniors who suffer from dementias.  For example, they might miss simple tasks such as paying credit card bills and making mortgage payment. Furthermore, they can be easily exploited by scams. I heard this case. An elderly ladyContinue reading “Dementia and financial mismanagement”

What if Elizabeth Holmes picked a different industry?

Holmes was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison. She convinced many wealthy and powerful people to invest money, time or connection in her business.  She certainly possesses plenty of talents such as communications and networking skills. What a waste! I wonder if she picked a different industry rather than health care technology, wouldContinue reading What if Elizabeth Holmes picked a different industry?

Single ladies finance – online dating scams

It usually goes like this. You never see this person. It is only long distance. He always has good reasons that he can’t meet you now, but he will soon. At some point, he askes you for money. Somehow the money can help him/her to see you. They are usually very skillful. When they reachContinue reading Single ladies finance – online dating scams

Red flags of phishing websites

When you are shopping online, please watch out for the following red flags of a phishing website. The website forces customer to register to shop or even add item to their favorite list. This is definitely a red flag. Merchants are rarely so strict. They are just afraid to lose customers. They would allow customersContinue reading Red flags of phishing websites