Canadian rental properties lose money

CBC reported last week that more than half of GTA condo investors losing money on properties, per The research from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and real estate research firm Urbanation. The culprit is the fast-rising interest rates. Many condo investors have variable rate mortgage, but they probably have 1-year rent lease with theirContinue reading “Canadian rental properties lose money”

U.S. Treasury bonds could surge? What?

NPR Business Stories of the Day Podcast reports that the demand for U.S. treasury bonds could surge, even as default looms. What? Am I hearing this right? The podcast says the reason is TINA – there is no alternative. How interesting, but why surge though? This reason alone can only explain that the demand isContinue reading “U.S. Treasury bonds could surge? What?”

Disinformation/misinformation in personal finance

‘I’ve never saved a dime’: Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran has spent her millions, Yahoo Finance recently reported. She gives it away by investing it in business or other people the returns have kept coming back. The article also mentioned another Shark, Mark Cuban, who has opposite philosophy when it comes to money.  In 2015, CubanContinue reading “Disinformation/misinformation in personal finance”

US doesn’t have to pay off its debts. Really?

The debt ceiling occupies the news these days. It sparks a lot of very interesting discussions. The Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman said so in an op-ed in New York Times. Here are the reasons. First, country doesn’t die like a person so it can continue to pay off its debt, so we shouldContinue reading “US doesn’t have to pay off its debts. Really?”

Work requirement for social benefits

NPR Business Story of the Day – Medicaid has become a key component in negotiations over debt ceiling. Actually, debt and deficit are not the point of contention. Both sides agreed that we need to reduce deficit and debt but differ on how to achieve it. The Democrats want to increase revenue from closing taxContinue reading “Work requirement for social benefits”

Opportunity from debt ceiling catastrophe?

NPR Business Story of the Day Podcast just aired an episode on what debt ceiling could mean for your retirement plan.  Basically, nothing much if we don’t need the money for a decade or more. It can be short term dip, but it should recover before we need the money. Just don’t panic sell. However,Continue reading “Opportunity from debt ceiling catastrophe?”

Good economics and business podcasts

Here are some podcasts I like on economics, finance and business. Marketplace podcast Daily update focuses on US economy. Planet Money by NPR Always educational. Its purpose is to educate the masses on money matters including economics, personal finance, business, etc. It tries to make complicated concepts easy to understand. I find it quite friendlyContinue reading “Good economics and business podcasts”

Forever renters can benefit from First Home Savings Account

The first Home Savings Account – FHSA can be misleading. Many people who rent and don’t want to buy a home might think it is no use for them. That is not the case at all because they can transfer the money from FHSA to RRSP tax free without taking up any RRSP contribution room.Continue reading “Forever renters can benefit from First Home Savings Account”