What a roller-coaster ride!

As soon as the market opens yesterday, my phone was buzzing with stock market alerts. Bank ETFs are down dramatically together with crude oil down, 10-year treasury yield and US dollar. Gold is up understandably. It is flashing recession in the minds of investors. However, the Nasdaq is up a little bit early when marketContinue reading “What a roller-coaster ride!”

Is inflation good for the banks?

It depends on how fast is the inflation. When interest rate is too low, it is hard for banks to charge more on loans. However, if the interest rate is raised too fast too high to fight inflation, it pushed a lot of potential customers out of the borrowing market. For example, mortgage rate isContinue reading “Is inflation good for the banks?”

Are women better investors?

Happy International Women’s Day! Any discussion about gender is thought provoking. 😊 A Forbes article says so because women usually take the slow and steady approach to investing rather than taking too much risk and hoping to get rich quickly.  It does makes sense from this point of view. Let’s play the long game andContinue reading “Are women better investors?”

Spousal loan to split income?

It is still Valentine’s Day. Let’s continue the topic on split income. You might have heard about spousal loan as a split income strategy. Here is an article by Turbo Tax. One key thing to know is the attribution rule. For example, a higher income earner gift $1000 to his or her spouse. The interest,Continue reading “Spousal loan to split income?”

Capital loss and wash trades

Tax season is just around the corner. Some of us might have received the tax slips for our investment accounts. Naturally, we are thinking how to optimize the tax. An article mentioned something called “Tax loss harvesting” strategy. The names sounds very sophisticated. Good branding. 😉 Basically, it is to sell a security lower thanContinue reading “Capital loss and wash trades”

The RRSP first 60-day rule

Now it is so-called RRSP season because many of us have a habit to contribute to RRSP right before the March 1st deadline. Some also like to put their annual bonus towards RRSP which is usually paid out around this time. Since RRSP is a saving towards retirement that we can’t access now, it takesContinue reading “The RRSP first 60-day rule”

What a complicated picture!

Today, Nasdaq is almost up 2% again following Fed Chairman’s speech. I guessed he used the magic word “disinflation” again. The “disinflationary process” in the U.S. economy has begun. Sounds like music to investors’ ears especially equity and growth stocks in particular. Not sure whether there was any short squeeze that drove up the index.Continue reading “What a complicated picture!”

Is Robo-Advisor for you?

Most people do not have a big portfolio and might find that they don’t get enough attention from a financial advisor. They also find investing, finance, business and economics intimidating and very hard to understand. Besides they are very busy and don’t have the time to manage their portfolio. Perhaps, they can try Robo-advisor. HereContinue reading “Is Robo-Advisor for you?”

Investment account transfer fee rebate

Yesterday, I suddenly got this email from my brokerage saying that I got a negative balance on my account. Right away, identify theft jumped into my mind. How can it be negative? I just checked yesterday. Did someone deplete my account? I rushed to my computer and found that only cash balance was negative forContinue reading “Investment account transfer fee rebate”