Investment account transfer fee rebate

Yesterday, I suddenly got this email from my brokerage saying that I got a negative balance on my account. Right away, identify theft jumped into my mind. How can it be negative? I just checked yesterday. Did someone deplete my account? I rushed to my computer and found that only cash balance was negative forContinue reading “Investment account transfer fee rebate”

Is it finally a firm trend of disinflation?

Today is an interesting day in the US financial market. It’s like a breath of relief or a long-waited rain on a drought. 😊 The Federal reserve still raised the short-term interest rate by 0.25%, but this is a slowing trend. The hikes were 0.50% last time and 0.75% prior. Therefore, the financial market isContinue reading “Is it finally a firm trend of disinflation?”

Oil demand to peak in the next decade?

Exxon just reported record profit of $56 Billions in 2022. Some investment professionals suggested to invest in oil and gas companies because of the excellent stock market performance and dividends.  Some investment professionals venting about Biden Administration’s tough stance on Fossil Fuel industry. I also kept reading news that oil demand is going to peakContinue reading “Oil demand to peak in the next decade?”

A good discount brokerage

The online discount brokerage has been quite popular which took market share away from the big banks.  I guessed TD Direct Investing was TD’s response to this threat. The web user interface is satisfying but I don’t really need it that good. Most investors are not active traders. They are just doing passive investing. TheContinue reading “A good discount brokerage”

Consolidate investment accounts?

Some of us might have investment accounts such as RRSP, TFSA, Margin accounts, etc. with different financial institutions. To simply it and save time in the long run, we might want to consolidate them under one brokerage firm at least for the same types of accounts.  Moreover, some brokerage is more expensive. Transfer the accountsContinue reading “Consolidate investment accounts?”

Teach kids financial literacy

Here are a few good programs by Junior Achievement to teach grade school and high school students financial literacy. They offered both in-person and online presentation delivered by volunteers. It covers very essential and wide range of topics such as inflation, credit card, exchange rate, currency, budgeting, online shopping investing, etc. It aims to buildContinue reading “Teach kids financial literacy”

Need to pay off these three types of loans before retirement?

Just read an article saying that we should not retire until these three types of loans are fully paid off. They are student loans, car loans and credit card debts/personal line of credits. We all know that public pension is not enough for retirement. Most people do not have a generous pension from their employers.Continue reading “Need to pay off these three types of loans before retirement?”