Invest it and forget about it?

We usually hear a suggestion to invest it and then forget about it until the day we need the money in retirement. Totally understand where this is coming from. People live a busy life and investing is not something they enjoy doing. Therefore, some experts aim to simplify investing and make it easy. Besides, passiveContinue reading “Invest it and forget about it?”

Tax bill shock – capital gain distribution

Tax season is just around the corner. Some of us might have received a tax bill shock from capital gain distribution.   Let’s imagine this scenario. We are very careful and disciplined. We didn’t sell any securities in our investment margin accounts because we understand that it is taxable right away without the tax shelterContinue reading “Tax bill shock – capital gain distribution”

What if we made a big investment mistake?

One of the most common investment mistakes is lack of diversification. Invest too much money in one sector or worse one company.   Recently, there were the cannabis bubble and the crypto crash. Some people invested most or even almost all their portfolio in one of these sectors and suffered a big loss unfortunately. ThereContinue reading “What if we made a big investment mistake?”

Fire the financial advisor due to investment loss?

Read quite a few news articles that many investors asking the question whether to fire their financial advisors because their investment lost money last year. Perhaps the first question is to ask whether portfolio mix is suitable for the investors’ investment horizon – how long they can keep it invested without withdrawal. The second questionContinue reading “Fire the financial advisor due to investment loss?”

A few considerations of TFSA

If someone’s household income is in high tax bracket. They might want to minimize the interest generated in the margin account because it is not tax sheltered. It might be better to put the securities with price appreciation such as growth stocks. One day when they need to sell them, they could transfer-in-kind into TFSAContinue reading “A few considerations of TFSA”

Stop saving temporarily?

First, just to share a piece of statistics. Canadian consumer credit card debt in Q3 2022 increased by around 22% from the pre-pandemic level per according to Equifax Canada’s latest credit trends report. Second, let’s put things into perspective. Usually, the credit card annual interest rate is around 20%. It only takes 4 years forContinue reading “Stop saving temporarily?”

Canadian Crypto FOMO

Per the latest podcast of The Decibel by the Globe and Mail – FTX and  Canadian crypto FOMO, FTX wanted to enter Canadian Market because but it never completed.  One possible reason is that they didn’t open their accounting/financial records to Ontario Securities Commission. Should we Canadians be proud because Canadian investors have better regulationsContinue reading “Canadian Crypto FOMO”