Common mistakes on TFSA

The name TFSA – Tax Free Saving Account can be quite misleading or confusing. Some people think that it is the same as a regular bank saving account. Moreover, certain banks only offer TFSA account with such limited function. This further confirms their misunderstanding.  In fact, TFSA can be used to hold all kind ofContinue reading “Common mistakes on TFSA”

Better to act after the fact

There is no way to tell when the recession will happen per Warren Buffet. He said that he doesn’t based on his buying or selling decision on how the economy, or the market is going to behave. He said he is not good at marketing timing. I believe him on this. Therefore, it is betterContinue reading “Better to act after the fact”

My take on investment portfolio mix

I used to think that as long as I have the right mix of bond and stock, I will be fine to withstand the market crash. How wrong was I! The 2020 Covid market downturn taught me that lesson. I was very lucky that I didn’t need to withdraw the money then. I had someContinue reading “My take on investment portfolio mix”

Do you have to invest in Crypto?

The answer I like is to invest only the amount that you CAN absolutely afford to lose. The concern is that it doesn’t have underlying value and can be worthless one day. The hype is all the projections of how high the price can grow in a very short time. There are many experts onContinue reading “Do you have to invest in Crypto?”