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Success #1

Q: Should she pay off her mortgage in full now with penalty? The information from her banker was not clear.

A: Developed and compared mortgage monthly payment forecasts of different options to help her decide.

Result: She saved more than $1000.

Success #2

Q: Is she getting the fair growth from her investment?

A: Explained how her investment has performed compared to the industry benchmark considering her investment timeline and risk tolerance.

Result: She understood that she can get higher growth investments with calculated risks by investing in low-fee broad-based index-fund. Her annual return increased from 5% to 10%.

Success #3

Q: Is she paying too much fee for her current investment?

A: Compared her investment to other products with similar return and provided assessment.

Result: She realized that she has been paying too much and switched to lower-fee product resulting in $1500 of savings on management fee each year.

Success #4

Q: She is afraid of investing on her own. She does not know how to start.

A: Teach her investment literacy especially how to manage emotions, mitigate risks and minimize trading cost. Showed her how to open low-cost self-direct online brokerage account and do trading step-by-step.

Result: She learned the necessary investment knowledge and started to invest on her own.

Success #5

Q: How much does she need to retire?

A: Understood her life style expectation in retirement and all her possible sources of income. Created a customized investment growth vs. living expense forecast and walk her through it.

Result: She had much clearer idea and felt more confident about her retirement. She started to save more and invest wisely to reach the goal.

Success #6

Q: What is the minimum price or sales volume to break-even for her business?

A: Developed a monthly cash flow forecast tailored to her business and conducted a pricing sensitivity analysis.

Result: She identified the minimum average sales price that can pay herself a fair salary.

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