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Did you ever ask how your financial advisors get paid?

Majority are paid by the commissions for selling financial products to you. What if you don’t need that product? What if the best product for you gives less commission?

Some are paid a fixed percentage of your investment value. Even if the value of the portfolio goes down, the percentage stays the same. Here is the alternative.

Advice-Only Fee-Only

We do NOT sell any financial products or services for other financial institutions.

We do NOT take any form of compensations or incentives from them.

We do NOT charge a percentage of a client’s investment portfolio.

We are only compensated by the hourly or flat fees from our clients.

No conflict of interest! Clients first!

Budgeting & Saving

Help to develop and maintain a budget

Analyze your cash flow and find ways to save more

Develop a spending plan aligned with your goals

Motivate you to stick to your plan

Credit & Debt

Help to understand credit reports, scores, and using credits

Evaluate the level and cost of indebtedness and find ways to reduce interest costs

Create debt monthly payment plan to pay it off faster


Help to learn investment fundamentals

Assist to understand various investment choices and how to reduce fees and increase return

Discuss strategies to survive a market crash

Help to learn how to manage emotions – key to success

Money Management

Assist in understanding the necessity of an emergency fund (job loss, medical emergencies, major car repairs, major household expenses)

Help to develop better money habits

Assist to work with other financial professionals

Major Acquisition

Help to determine the feasibility of a major purchase including vehicles, education, or a home

Facilitate your consideration of pros and cons of owning or renting a home based on current and future needs and wants


Assist you in determining preferred retirement lifestyle

Help to estimate how much is required to retire

Develop plan to achieve retirement financial goals

Help to take advantage of tax‐sheltered retirement accounts

Risk Management

Identify sources of risk (for example: home ownership, income loss, medical expenses, liabilities)

Assist to evaluate insurance needs

Determine risk management strategies


Familiarize you about basic tax management

Help to determine potential withholding tax adjustments

Discuss ways to maximize deductions and credits

Small Business Finance

Develop cash flow forecast & break-even analysis

Conduct sensitivity analysis to determine pricing impact

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