How to cut cost of restaurant delivery?

I am guilty of ordering too much food delivery via Apps lately. Here are the three ideas I came up with. First, buy a few bags of frozen dim sum such as dumplings, Siu Mai, Ha Gao, and custard bun. 😊 I know it is not healthy. At least they are cheaper. Second, if IContinue reading “How to cut cost of restaurant delivery?”

Some ideas to cut phone bill cost

I am very passionate on cost cutting without sacrificing the quality of life. To maintain this fine balance is very important. 😊 Let’s talk about phone bill cost. Frist, cut the landline. I know many of you have already done that. Congratulations! Big savings. Any recurring cost deserves close scrutiny because it can add up.Continue reading “Some ideas to cut phone bill cost”

More ideas to reduce food cost

Inflation is still all the rage. Holiday is just around the corner. Many people will have to spend more on gifts, dinner parties, travelling, etc. Therefore, we need to find ways to save a bit more on areas where we can. Nuts are delicious and nutritious but quite expensive. Using beans as substitute for nutsContinue reading “More ideas to reduce food cost”

Sustainable living in Uruguay

Just head a podcast today by New York Times on Uruguay’s success on sustainable living to fight climate change. With so much bad news of devastating extreme weather disasters and the lack of progress on governments’ effort to fight climate change, this is so encouraging and hopeful. Another piece of good news is that weContinue reading “Sustainable living in Uruguay”