Half of Canadians have little rainy day fund

Our oven can’t heat a week ago. It took $435 to fix it. Last year, we spent $350 to fix our laundry dryer when it didn’t dry. Fortunately we have emergency fund set aside for those home repairs. I read an article that 40% of American don’t have $400 for emergency fund. That is veryContinue reading “Half of Canadians have little rainy day fund”

Saving for emergency fund vs. paying off debt?

Starbucks just launched a new employee benefit program to encourage savings and manage student loan.  My Starbucks Savings is intended to help employees save for the “unexpected,” according to a company press release. In partnership with Fidelity, employees can contribute a portion of after-tax pay on a recurring basis directly from their paycheck to anContinue reading “Saving for emergency fund vs. paying off debt?”