Some ideas to cut phone bill cost

I am very passionate on cost cutting without sacrificing the quality of life. To maintain this fine balance is very important. 😊 Let’s talk about phone bill cost. Frist, cut the landline. I know many of you have already done that. Congratulations! Big savings. Any recurring cost deserves close scrutiny because it can add up.Continue reading “Some ideas to cut phone bill cost”

$20 bank fee per month!

If you are still paying the bank fee, perhaps you could consider whether to switch to a no-fee bank account from an online bank whose overhead cost is much lower than the brick-and-mortar ones. I just heard $20 per month for a chequing account with one of the big five banks in Canada. The feesContinue reading $20 bank fee per month!

A few ways to cut expenses

Given the severe inflation, many feel the financial squeeze. A penny saved is a penny earned. It might be easier than you think. Replace meat with beansGiven the sky rocketing grocery bill thanks to inflation, perhaps to substitute some meat with beans and be vegetarian for a day or two per week is a healthyContinue reading “A few ways to cut expenses”