What if Elizabeth Holmes picked a different industry?

Holmes was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison.

She convinced many wealthy and powerful people to invest money, time or connection in her business.  She certainly possesses plenty of talents such as communications and networking skills. What a waste!

I wonder if she picked a different industry rather than health care technology, would she succeed? Something with less tech. 😊 Enron was a not a tech company either. It was an energy trading company. Adam Newman can hype a real estate company into a tech company. Therefore, answer is No. She would falter somehow. When things get tough, she might cut corners and lie for her image. Who knows?

Some blamed her using motherhood to gain sympathy hoping to avoid jail time. If someone can do so, that says a lot about one’s character. That is a very cynical view.

I still think she is a very lucky woman. She still has her family’s support. Her parents were there for her. She can still find love and gave birth to two children after the scandal. I cannot imagine what might go through the minds of many singles ladies who are looking for love but can’t find it. 😊 What the heck? She is a criminal or criminal to be! She is a pretty and charming one though. When someone has that kind of charm, she doesn’t even need to be pretty. Sorry, single ladies. Life is very unfair.

The key is that even the most sophisticated investors can make huge investment mistakes. It seems that they didn’t use the professionals who understand the science and technology of the industry to vet it. They just got fooled by her charm and the long list of lustrous investors and board members.

Lesson 1: Don’t invest in anything one doesn’t truly understand. Per Warren Buffet.

Lesson 2: It is hard and risky to pick individual companies. Perhaps indexing investing is the way for our mere mortals?

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