Losing weight vs. saving money

I found these two are very similar.

It is very easy to deviate from the plan and thus the goal. For both, temptations sneak in from left, center and right. It seems that we have to be vigilant all the time.

I was making a very good progress to lose 15 pounds to look good in the new white dress. Yes, I am that vain. 😊 Actually, that is a very effective motivation for me. I visualize myself looking good in it. I already lost 10 pounds in the past 2 months. The last 5 pounds are infamously difficult to lose. A few days ago, I was offered a big plate of chips topped with chickpeas in melted cheese and salsa sauce. Darn! How can I say no. And of course, I gained 1 pound the next day. It didn’t matter that I walked for 1 hour and play tennis for 1 hour that day. My body is that good at absorbing nutrition. Ok, I learned my lesson. No chips or salsa sauce until I reach my goal. Even after I reached my goal, I just eat small portion of that. It is more difficult to maintain the weight loss. I saw many real life examples in which people gained all the pounds back.

When it comes to saving money, it is about how we spend it. We might encounter “inspiration” daily. 😊 Saw that dress someone at work was rocking. Loved that purse carried by a stranger striking down the street.  After a bad day at work, we need to comfort our souls.  Shopping to some is chicken soup for the soul. 😊 It can be addictive because it is delicious. We can get into the shopping “mode” and keep doing it.  Before we know it, we have already done a lot of damage to our wallets. 

Here are a few tips to manage it in order to save money.

  • Sleep on it.  Next day, ask whether we really need it. Only buy things we really need.
  • Take a look at our closet or attic or bottom of the draw. We might find some forgotten “treasure” we can use.
    • Here is my own story. When I was looking at the purses online, I suddenly realized that I got something similar already. 😊 I dug out two old handbags in good conditions that were put away in the cabinet in the basement. I almost forgot them.  I also received this very nice shoulder bag/clutch as a gift 10 years ago. I never used it because I have a very good Italian wallet that lasts forever.  I will start using it.  
  • Only buy things on sales.
  • Only buy things that we really like or bring us joy and excitement.
  • Only shop in person because it takes effort to get out of the house.  Try not to do online shopping because it is too easy to shop and hard to return.
  • Return the stuff we regret that we bought. At least this is easier than reverse the food we regret eating. 😊

If we can do the above, we probably can manage temptation and impulse better.

Best of luck of your journey of weight loss and money saving!

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