Year end rally?

Or so-called Santo Claus rally?

Investing professionals have been talking this year-end rally before year end. The reasoning is technical analysis. Quote a few people cited how many years out of the past how many decades got this rally. Therefore, it is likely to have one.

It didn’t seem to happen for 20022. This reasoning is very flimsy. Should people base their investment decisions on this?

I am very suspicious of technical analysis because it mostly wants to predict the short-term market performance. That is a fool’s game.

For many of us, investing is to save for retirement.  I Know many didn’t save enough. Financial freedom might never be reached.  Perhaps doing a part-time job in retirement might not be such a bad idea. I know some people prefer that because they want to be social and active both physically and mentally. I met a lady in her 70s Who is an avid tennis player. She still works part-time as a salesperson in a travelling agency. She said she likes to go to the office because she wants to hear the gossips! 😊

Perhaps this can take the pressure off a bit. Of course, not every job is the same. Finding one enjoyable might take some time. However, it does exist. I heard some people told me they genuinely like their jobs. Hope we all find ours if we want to.

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